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August 1, 2012
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Cross City App: Tuilelaith DuMont by Lerd-x-Kerd Cross City App: Tuilelaith DuMont by Lerd-x-Kerd
For :iconcrosscity:

{ Name: } Tuilelaith DuMont (Twih-LAYTH) (Doo-MON) Not actually how you say Tuilelaith, but I like my pronunciation better. //shotdead

{ Alias/Nickname: } Tully, Laith, Lai-Lai
{ Gender: } Female
{ Species: } Death’s Child
{ Animal: } Kiwi Bird
{ Age: } 18 at time of death
{ Day of Death: } June 2nd

{ Occupation/Job: } ANKH Brigade (Stalks Patte to make sure work gets done)

{ Height: } 4’11” (5’3” if wearing her platform mary-janes, which she almost never takes off)
{ Weight: } 112 pounds

{ Likes: } Platform mary-janes, simplicity at times, neon colors, breaking open a new book, puns, using language from her heritage, visiting the library, humming, feeling the breeze move her hair, feeling important, adventures, mysteries, being useful, dance, making a fool of herself in private, meeting new people, staying in shape, having things to do, secretly sorting people into Hogwarts houses, sarcasm, subtle snarkiness, words that start with s? Hey look, Silas starts with s //slapped

{ Dislikes: } Disagreements/Conflict, Tight spaces, snakes, needles, feeling alone, crowds of people she doesn’t know, creases in book spines, people who are good at singing (tone-deaf!), boredom, fighting as a general whole, cars, unwarranted rudeness, bullies, opulence, drinking, alcohol, drugs, having to fake her emotions

{ Personality: } If nothing else, Tuilelaith was raised to be a polite lady. Formalities are never wasted on her, and in unfamiliar situations, she will frequently resort to this personality archtype. It’s stiff wall of blunt words hidden in wordy language. Conversely, she can charm her way out of a paper bag if it means getting what she wants, but these days she rarely uses this power. On the flip side, Tuilelaith is exceptionally good at masking her own emotions, if it suits her or means it won't cause problems. She highly dislikes conflict and would rather sit back and observe. In a private, more intimate setting, she tends to ditch the rules she was raised with and act more “herself”. Tully is actually an incredibly silly person, and thrives in small groups or one on one. She's known to tease people incessantly, as she's highly observant and notices some of the tiniest quirks about people. If nothing else, she is an extremely good listener and has a strong sense of empathy. Instead of holding herself on a pedestal, she focuses on the needs of others. Their happiness is all that she strives for. If somebody somewhere smiles because of her, she’ll remain cheery and sweet for days. Similarly, it means she’s willing to sacrifice life (some Tully grim humor for you), and limb for them. It doesn’t matter their identity. A bully is a bully and Tuilelaith despises anybody who encroaches on somebody’s good spirits. (More puns). Tully can be fairly energetic, and loves physical exercise. However, her day can be completely made if a mundane task can be turned into a fantastical adventure. Vacuuming is the tragic tale of dust bunnies being terrorized by the demonic snake with glowing eyes. Tuilelaith was raised on a bed of literature, and fantasy is a genre that she shall never ignore/ever stop loving. She’s also a closet hipster/nerd. Shhhh

{ Additional Info: } -Her mother's name is Sorcha Dugal, and her father's is Pierre DuMont
-She's still waiting for her brother, Gavin, to someday show up
-She doesn't tend to have anything notable that she carries around except for a cell phone (that I didn't feel like drawing)
-In case you didn't notice, she's blind in her right eye due to the crash that lead to her death
-Tully is incredibly observant, and listens well
-She has an insatiable curiosity, but she tries to give people privacy
-Tully is incredibly empathetic as well

{ Orientation: } Bisexual

{ Nationality: } American of Irish/French descent

{ Quotes: } “Why is there a microphone in my face?” Thinking: “Seriously, bugger off.” “O-oh, why, hello there. How do you do?” “Come join me, dear. We’ll read together? Or would you rather invest in a good game of chess?”

{ Talents/Strengths: } Being rather inconsistent in personality //shotdead
Rocking solid neon colors
Finding/Tracking people
Squawking to scare people off //it’s the kiwi in her!
Having really soft hair?
Being overprotective
Making a fool of herself in public
Fitting into small spaces
Mind-fuck battle style

{ Flaws/Weaknesses: } Can be sarcastic/blunt inappropriate situations
Focusing too much on other people’s needs and forgetting her own
Over-exerting herself
Close combat
Sometimes gets into trouble by misunderstanding situations

{ Abilities: } –Transforms into a kiwi bird (completely useless talent)
-Manipulating glass to move quickly from place to place (enter/exit from any piece of glass)
-Illusions involving glass/reflections
-If she exerts herself, she can use the shards to cut people without lifting a finger
-Sometimes just makes weapons instead

NOTE: All use of abilities is highly exhausting, and makes it so she cannot sustain them for long.

{ Stats: }

Strength: 4/10
Agility: 9/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Humor: 6/10

{ Biography: } From Tuilelaith’s point of view just before her death
There is little I can remember of my previous life. I couldn’t tell you the person I was, or very much about the people I knew. I remember my death vividly, and over time I’ve been able to regains fragments of my memories to remember my family and life. I was born Tuilelaith Stacie DuMont. My mother was of strong Irish blood, raised in a farming family. My father was French, a businessman by trade. Both arrived on Ellis Island roughly at the same time to fight their way through immigration as citizens of the country of dreams. They were married soon thereafter, and started their lives anew together. I’m sure it’s a touching tale, and I honestly wish I could be of more assistance in this manner.

They gave birth to me first. Their pride and joy. I was ideal. I was studious, and worked hard to earn good grades. I was supposed to graduate as the underling to the valedictorian, also known as the salutatorian. I will return to this thought after I pay due focus to my brother, Gavin DuMont. I consider him to be so much younger than me, although, in honesty I was born only 17 minutes before him. I was born just before midnight on one day, and he was born in the wee hours of the morning the following day. That technical difference in the day led to my younger self’s superiority complex. Nevertheless, I strived to be the very best. Like no one was before. To catch them is my request, to train them is my call //shotdeadagain
I studied harder, I worked harder to be in better shape than him, I struggled to maintain an air of indifference towards him. Looking back, I wonder if I was trying to form a separate entity for myself. Twins are so often lumped as a pair. The me that once breathed to circulate oxygen within my blood must’ve desired nothing more than to be memorable.

However, I now return to being the salutatorian. Being such, I was required to make a speech for the opening of the graduation ceremony. I wanted to have some form of impact, although try not to distract too much from the bitch that was valedictorian. The words weren’t flowing. I could not find the language within me to convey everything I wanted my class to know. Time was running out, yet it was unthinkable for me to arrive with nothing less than a perfect speech.

Both Gavin and I were invited to attend a massive senior bash just before finals week and graduation. It was a way for us to kick off the end of the year before it would all come to an end. Gavin grabbed a ride with his friends, as he had intentions of drinking and I refused to allow him to have the keys to our mutual beat-up car. I must’ve stayed behind to finish my salutation. Sometime a little after midnight, I got a text message from Gavin saying that his ride had bailed on him, and he was wasted, possibly stoned, off of his mind and needed a ride. I was annoyed, and I wanted to get his ass out of there to come back to finish the long overdue opening words to our graduation. I took off immediately.

I took a turn too fast. The slick oily water beneath my car tires made traction virtually impossible. I could feel the wheel slipping through my fingers. Hydroplaning. The edge of the road was marked with a metal railing. The side of my car hit it. Hard. There was the sickening crunch of metal, and the distinct creaking of the car flipping over the edge. Every crash of the beat-up metal death trap sickened me. The glass of the windows and windshield shattered further with each tumble down the steep hill. A chunk sliced me across my face, resulting in my blind right eye. The pain was agonizing. I remember nothing else but moonlight reflecting off the fragments of glass. It rained all around me, protecting me from the icy chill of the tears falling from the sky.

My only regret is that I never got to see my brother again. I was never able to apologize for being a bitch. I to this day wonder how he ended up faring, or how got home.
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InsolubleLife Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
She sounds like a lot of fun! Express your hipsterness neon lady!! <33333
BazzlewithaK Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
"Secretly sorting people into Hogwarts houses" Tully you are absolutely amazing, child XD
And pfft transforming into a Kiwi is an awesome talent. Who can so no to you when you're a sad little Kiwi?
Lerd-x-Kerd Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Tully: Well, why thank you, kind stranger! It's kind of a unique form of people watching...I guess... >/////<

True true. But I'm tiny and can't even fly. o.o
BazzlewithaK Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
Well people watching is a fun hobby :3

Well at least you'll be good at ...digging? //shot
berrico Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
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I really like how you designed her outfit~ and I think her personality is a adorable ~ xD
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